Stoked to launch my Kindness & Advice Project for 2020 onwards.

The background for the project is based on taking a series of Portrait photos but accompanying the photo is a piece of writing.

I want to create an impact with kind words and positive advice from strangers, friends and family around the world.

The rule is that I will take a photograph of you and copy down your "statement" of kind words, advice or both. This can be provided on the day in writing or emailed to me post-shoot; this will then be shared with one of your images taken from the shoot!

Examples of images taken are:

The words that you include with your own photo portrait could be a message of kindness towards yourself or a piece of thoughtful, friendly advice that you can offer the world.

I have relatives and friends that are getting involved in the project; you could even have a portrait of a grandparent, neighbour or friend.

I will also be visiting popular cities and photographing strangers next summer too!

A model release form will need to be signed as selected photos will displayed on my Official Photography Instagram account: @lucascooksonphotography and here on my website.

I am extremely excited to spread kindness and positivity for people of all different generations to read; who knows a gallery exhibition may exist one day too.

The project is based in Bath & Bristol (and surrounding areas) for the time being however please email if interested as I may be travelling to a City near you in the future.

Would you like to get involved?

Email today: [email protected]

Due to lots of interest please expect a reply within 48 hours.

Digital painting by: @willyum.jpeg